Getting to Awaroa Glamping



Awaroa is an isolated location. You cannot drive all the way to Awaroa. There are no shops at Awaroa.

Awaroa Glamping is located on a small hill, overlooking the Awaroa Airstrip. It can be accessed from the south-west corner of the large paddock near the air field. Alternatively, it can also be accessed by walking down a ridge from the Abel Tasman Coastal Track (Sky Track) on the hill above. The path starts a few hundred metres to the west of the lookout. There are many different ways to travel to Awaroa.

Hiking: Follow the Abel Tasman coastal track to Awaroa. It is a 2-3 day walk from Marahau or a 1 day walk from Totaranui. There is a large tidal crossing Between Awaroa and the Totaranui track. For more information about tramping the coastal track click here.

Water Taxi Water taxis are a popular way of travelling in the National Park. It is much quicker and less effort than walking. Spend your time relaxing at Awaroa Glamping after being dropped off on the beach. Water taxis leave daily from Marahau or Kaiteriteri.

Sea Kayaking Sea kayaks are also a popular way to get around the National Park. You can rent a kayak in Marahau and spend 1-3 days paddling up the coast to Awaroa. Enjoy the scenic views and visit seal colonies on offshore islands.

Drive to car park Although you cannot drive all the way to Awaroa, you can drive to the Awaroa car park. It is about an hour's drive from Takaka on the Golden Bay side of the National Park. Follow the road through Pohara, Ligar Bay and Wainui. Continue on the gravel road past Wainui and make a right hand turn at the T-intersection which leads to the Awaroa car park. There are two steams to cross on the Awaroa road and many narrow and steep areas. It is not recommended for large campervans or caravans, especially in bad weather. From the Awaroa car park there is a large tidal estuary which can be walked across two hours either side of low tide. At high tide small boats cross the estuary. To arrange a high tide pickup please contact Awaroa Glamping.

Aeroplane There is an aeroplane runway at Awaroa right next to Awaroa Glamping. Save time by flying to Awaroa in a light aircraft and enjoy the beauty of the National Park from the air. Planes fly from Nelson, Wellington, Motueka or Takaka.

Helicopter Why not fly to Awaroa in a helicopter? Take the hassle out of travel, charter a helicopter from Nelson or Motueka and fly in style, direct to the National Park.


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